Aberdeen is nicknamed 'The Granite City,' because many of its buildings are constructed with the stone, which is abundant in the area.

The Petroleum Industry in the North Sea uses the town as a major service centre, but tourists also come here for the sandy beaches.

The shopping streets and centres are nearly always bustling with activity, with a massive range of products available, from bargains in the market place to designer garments in the stores and boutiques.
Restaurants, pubs and nightspots are enough to keep visitors entertained in the evenings, whilst during the day there are many day trips in the local countryside.

Royal Deeside, the Grampian Mountains, Castle of Buchan, majestic country houses, gardens and golf courses attract the tourist, photographer and painter alike.

Fishermen discover well-stocked rivers, seas, lakes and streams almost guarantee a catch of fresh salmon or trout, whilst walkers and skiers enjoy the challenge of the picturesque hillsides and cairns.

Whether you are a shopper, a lover of architecture, or a sports fanatic, Aberdeen has it all!